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Queen box is a simplified graphical design and C code generation software for all signal processing applications.

Non-programmer friendly

Those with little or no programming experience can use QueenBox without barriers. In a matter of minutes, beginners can start to develop embedded systems designing interactive block diagrams

Queen Box in Industry

Being an intuitive, graphical programming IDE gives Queen Box users the ability to develop complex systems quickly. Industrial engineers use QueenBox because it saves development time, increases functional reliability, allows teams of different coding abilities to work on the same project, and allows flexibility of deployment across multiple microcontroller types.

Application fields : Industry 4.0, Smart Cities , motor control, signal processing, robotics and power converters

Queen Box in education

Educational institutions use QueenBox because it is accessible for all engineering students including electrical, mechanical, aerospace, and automotive. All engineers need to understand programming, sensors, actuators, feedback and control systems. QueenBox allows junior engineers to be successful system designers – whatever their major discipline.


A Toolbox to be more Creative

A fairly small number of blocks gives an atomic structure to the framework and this gives the developer a lot of freedom to design an infinite number of systems.

A Better Performance System

The Generated code is optimized in terms of execution time and RAM and FLASH memory. The code is easy to read, to debug and to understand

An Evolving program

Add a new block and link to make the next little improvement.